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The pleasure of natural
iced tea

Mainly intended for adults, MayTea is a new generation of drinks that combines pleasure, well-being and lightness. The perfect harmony between real infused tea leaves and the greedy pleasure of fruit and plant notes.

Because well-being is a plural, the MayTea collection is composed of 7 varieties.

A selection of delicious tea infusions to satisfy lovers of refined sensations.

Low in calories – No sweeteners – No artificial flavors – No coloring – No preservatives


An infusion of tea, mixed with gourmet fruit notes,
for even more exhilarating flavors

The particularity of MayTea? The perfect balance between the greedy fruit notes and the subtlety of the tea infusion.

Attentive to guarantee the best taste of tea and to magnify its aromas, 94% of our recipes are composed of real tea infusions which ensures an unprecedented sensory experience: intensity revealed, exalted tea flavour. And for even more pleasure, a touch of fruit or plant has been added to bring subtlety and delicacy.

In addition, low in calories and without sweetener, MayTea contains 40% less sugar than traditional soft drinks.

May Tea Belgium

Respect for the environment and the well-being of workers

MayTea is Rainforest Alliance certified. With this certification, which guarantees that 100 percent of the tea leaves used in the production of its iced teas come exclusively from certified farms that meet the criteria of the Rainforest Standard for Sustainable Agriculture, MayTea ensures the conservation of biodiversity and promotes the rights and well-being of workers, their families and communities.

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In addition, the bottle is 100% recyclable and made with 50% recycled plastic. As for the new aluminium cans, they are (almost) infinitely recyclable.

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Formats adapted to each moment of consumption

MayTea is available in three formats: 33cl cans, 50cl bottles and 1l bottles. The small format will be perfect for your lunch break or for a small one in the afternoon and the larger one will allow you to share the pleasure of MayTea with family or friends.

Boissons May Tea
Eaux de thés MayTea

New: Organic Tea Waters

In 2020, MayTea launches a brand new range, Les Eaux de Thé Bio! Les Eaux de thé is more than just an organic tea. Indeed, with its 2.4gr sugar per 100ml, it is 70% less sugar than most soft drinks for an even more thirst-quenching pleasure.  Two atypical flavors, Green Tea Lemon Ginger and Black Tea Pear Hibiscus, which embody the perfect marriage of organic tea and fruit, always without sweeteners.



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Black Tea Pear Hibiscus Flavour
Green Tea Lemon Ginger Flavour
Green Tea Yuzu Citrus Flavour
Green Tea Jasmine Flavour
Black Tea Blackberry And Blueberry Flavour
White Tea Raspberry Flavour
Green Tea Lemon Flavour
Black Tea White Peach Flavour
Green Tea Mint Flavour