Schweppes Suntory Benelux became Suntory Beverage & Food Benelux ! A huge step for our One Suntory family.

Authentic, natural and light

A new generation of authentic iced teas, with 94% tea infusion. Low in calories and 40% less sweet than most drinks. Discover our range of refreshing iced teas for refined sensations.

No colouring – No artificial flavouring – No preservatives – No sweeteners

Rainforest Alliance Gecertificeerd

Inspired by homemade iced tea, all our recipes are made with 94% real tea infusion!

In its purest form, the tea leaf is delicately immersed in water, to give it time to brew gently and guarantee a unique sensory experience.



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Green Tea Yuzu Citrus Flavour
Green Tea Jasmine Flavour
Black Tea Blackberry And Blueberry Flavour
White Tea Raspberry Flavour
Green Tea Lemon Flavour
Black Tea White Peach Flavour
Green Tea Mint Flavour